Get your Flounder by the Throat

Get your Flounder by the Throat

Nestled in the Timucuan Preserve off of Heckscher Drive is some of the best scenery, fishing, and some would say, the best local seafood for North Florida.  There are quite a few other Seafood Chef's in the area that would disagree, but you can see it in Sean Norton's eyes as he explains the different appetizers that they are creating, he is confident they are one of the best in local seafood.  

There is quite a variety of local fish and shrimp that they serve at Palms Fish Camp Restaurant.  You can see the menu online and get an idea of the fresh foods they serve, but if you really want to find out what is fresh and local, you just gotta be there.  To be there, is what it is all about anyway.  Some of the most beautiful views in all of the First Coast of Florida can be found right there.  

Fresh and Local is what we are about.  We go out of our way to work with the local fishing environment to provide year round seasonal catches.  Whether it is fresh local shrimp from right here in Mayport, to Whole Smoked Mullet and Whole Smoke Flounder made from local catches, we want to bring the best of the area to your table.

Shawn Norton   Managing Partner

Many challenges where overcome in the almost 15 year journey to what is now a joint City of Jacksonville, and private business success story, that really does bring some of the best of Jacksonville to light. 

What started as a failed attempt by the city to run a restaurant, in an attempt to keep some of Jacksonville's rich fishing history alive, sat empty for many years until James McKenzie, Marshall Adkinson, and attorney Marc Hardesty came along.  James owns the Sandollar restaurant, another local favorite further along Heckscher Dr. and with the help of Sam Mousa, Mayor Lenny Curry's Chief Administrative Officer, a very successful joint venture was formed.

Combining a great boat ramp with a great restaurant should keep this place busy long into the future.  With easy access to some of the best water features of all of North Florida, as well as a scenic place to relax with some tasty food, and home grown music, what more could you ask for?

A view from the outside bar deck is worth the venture.  Great scenery where you can catch the incoming fisherman, or even catch a great live local band in the evening.

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