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Carrying signs that read "Fish Want to Live" and "Sea Life Not Sea Food," the vegan activists told reporters that they wanted to drive home the idea that fish have families, and that they don't want to be ripped from their happy lives under the sea to appear on a dinner plate.  According to Emily Zanotti, as she writes her Fish Story in the Daily Wire.   

One of the Organizers of the Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge,  Guy Hurley stated,   "Fishermen, in general, are probably the best stewards of the resource" according to interviews of the event by EMILY ZANOTTI a writer for the Daily News.

Well now, we are going to keep on fishing here at virtualfishcamp.com and not worry about what other people put on the plate.  The article is definitely a different point of view, and who has time to protest a fishing tournament.  The comments that follow make it all worth  just checking it out. 

" I can't speak to perhaps their claims that fish have feelings, that fish have souls, I mean I'm not sure."

Guy Hurley  Tournament Organizer

What makes this story even more ironic is that the Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge encourages catch & release weigh-ins.  " In keeping with Fisherman's Post's commitment to conserving our local fisheries, bonus payouts are offered to teams weighing in fish alive and in good condition as the live red drum will be released following the weigh-in."

As is the case in most communities that thrive on their fisheries, the fisherman and contestants in Wrightsville Beach are good stewards of the waters and fish that surround them.  "We want to come out for the fish," another protester told reporters.  I guess you get people that do not understand this relationship.

The story behind Captains for Clean Water is how people solve problems and take care of our Fisheries.

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